Giant Size MCM Cables

Any MCM Cable Size to Fit Your Needs

mcm cable

Philatron Wire & Cable manufacturer has size in mind when it comes to cable and wire. Be it 250 mcm cables, 500 mcm cables, or 1000 mcm custom coiled cables; we have precisely what you need to finish your project. We manufacture both wire (Single Conductor) and Cable (two or more insulated conductors); here some of our options:

Single Conductor Cable

  • 250 MCM Cable
  • 300 MCM Cable
  • 500 MCM Cable
  • 700 MCM Cables
  • 750 MCM Cable
  • 1000 MCM Cable
  • 4000 MCM Cable


  • 250 MCM Wire
  • 300 MCM Wire
  • 500 MCM Wire


Long Lasting Reliability – Never Look Back!

Choosing 500 mcm for your power source, or really needing the juice flowing freely amps with 1000 mcm cable ampacity, you are covered. We guarantee you’ll be happy. 

Discover your long-term solution

In today’s world of global activities, applications of cables in any climate in the world is critical to the integrity of your electrical systems. If the cable fails, your system fails. The cables you install to power your systems must be capable of withstanding environmental abuses of abrasion, heat, cold petroleum chemicals, and harsh handling.

Philatron cables are designed to meet the challenges of your system anywhere in the world.  Our cables give you excellent flexibility and superior operating temperature ranges.

Every time we ship out a 1000 mcm cable to a power provider, or our 500 mcm cable for Navy ship-to-shore power, Philatron’s value-to-cost ratio is very high. Our cables are intended for users who require maximum dependability with minimal replacement and down-time expenses.

When the perfect size of MCM wire cable is critical, Philatron Delivers Results

Lengths, styles, and so forth are all critical aspects to a successful completion of production which requires cables or wires. We promise nothing but results from our high-quality welding cable, or a standard choice for 500 mcm cable ampacity.  We also manufacturer santoprene cable, hypalon cable, hypalon welding cable, SBR cable,  low smoke zero halogen cable (LSZH cable), LSZH stage lighting cable, and much more.

There are many reasons to choose Philatron: We offer the widest selection of options, our value-to-cost ratio is very high, we’ve been doing this for over 37 years and because your trust in us will be justified every single day.

Don’t wait – contact us for a free quote for you cable and cords now.