Light Tower Cords

Philatron Wire and Cable Light Tower Cords are the most durable in the industry. Our custom cable can be used for heavy-duty service (indoors and outdoors), construction areas, oil and military sites with portable lighting needs. Our coil cables memory is second to none. They will not lose their memory even after long periods of extensions, beyond days and weeks. Philatron Wire and Cable Light Tower Cords have many attributes, they “so-called” superior coiled cables should have. Philatron Light Tower Cords have greater mechanical strength, lighting weight, and highly resistant to low temperature, heat aging, abrasion and chemicals, oil, ozone and water.

Coiled Cables 600 Volts
UL & CSA Listed


Heavy duty service – outdoors or indoors for construction, oil, and military portable lighting.
FEATURES: Long Coil Life: will not lose coil memory after long periods of extension – even after days and weeks. Greater mechanical strength, lighter weight, and resistance to low temperatures, heat aging, abrasion, chemicals, oil, ozone, and water.
STANDARDS: UL, CSA, and Military
TEMPERATURE: Temperature rating is from -50ï½°C to +105ï½°C.
BRANDING: E98586 Light Tower, UL/CSA, AWM Style 2516, 7 conductors 14 Gauge, 600 volts +105ï½°C to -50ï½°C.
JACKET COLOR: Black. Other colors available upon request.
COLOR CODE: Conductors clockwise sequence: White. Brown, Green, Red, Yellow, Black and (Center) Blue
Part Number Number of Conductors Size & Stranding Insulated Wall Thickness (“) Jacket Wall Thickness (“) Retracted length Maximum Extending length Straight Ends Jacket O.D. (“) Coil O.D. (“)
TL1407-35 7 14 Ga. (41 x30) .030 .060 29 inches 35 Feet 180″ & 11″ .550 2.42
TL1407-50 7 14 Ga. (41 x30) .030 .060 50 inches 50 Feet 102″ & 70″ .550 2.42